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Siibie Tikhor(Siapanglai Tikhor)

Suihleng miphung thawhkehnak Siapanglai Tikhor(Siibia Tikhor), Leitak Village, Thangtlang Township,

Chin State, Nyanmar. 


A Family life in Philadelphia,2012


    This is what we drive during our stay in Philadelphia

Our car at the Parking lot in front of the Market


Suihleng site ah nan rak kan tlawngnak

cungah nang cungah

lunglawmhnak tampi kan ngei. Pathian nih i um pi hna

seh, tiah Suihleng innchung khar nih

thlazaa kan cam.

This is How the mom care her child!


Map of Khuahrang

This is the native land where we are from?


Showing her love to her young Brother


Judy, her way back home from school. walking on the side of Dickinson park -----------------------------------------------

Way to Give To Suihleng

Innchung Khar Video Clip

Weather Forecast